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"You can get there from here"

Jerusalem Post - News as it happens: Daily update of thebestselling Israeli paper
The Ultimate Jewish Launcher: Links to absolutely loads of Jewish info..
Jewish Recipes. : What more can I say?
Esther - Purim's Heroine: not just a pretty face!: The events behind the first recorded "Final Solution"
Jewish Society at University of Kent: Someone else is doing what we're doing, somewhere else..

To keep our mailboxes in order please will you send enquiries about the Jewish Society to..

and if you want to contact Dani or Gerry
direct about matters other than JSOC then please feel free to use the following links..



Or you could write to us
c/o Jewish Society
Canterbury Christ Church College
North Holmes Road
Canterbury, KENT CT1
United Kingdom
and if that wasn't enough, you could send a message to Gerry using a Pager.. if you're in the UK dial 01532-779428 and leave a message with the operator. That will be relayed extremely quickly.
So there's really no excuse.. wherever.. whenever.. whatever.. whoever..

We love to hear from folk all over the world, so get dialling, typing, writing.. Semaphoring, Morse Code.. "Just call me .. call me and I'll be around."

Welcome to the JSoc page at Canterbury Christ Church College

It's changed since you were last here! How are you? Come on in, pull up a chair..this is..

Jewish Society
Home Page

Your link to a more Kosher College
"A R a z a b i / C o h e n C o P r o d u c t i o n"
What's today?
Today's Jewish calendar date..

the Jewish Society invites you in!


Congratulations! Mazel-tov! You've made it through the system to the Jewish Socety's Homepage here at C4..
I wonder why you've gone for our page? After all, to be a member of the Jewish Society you don't have to be Jewish, or even a member of society.. but I bet you've had chicken soup.. and let's face it, you probably shop at Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencers, Waitrose or Tesco's
(they're all Jewish Stores.. for example, "Tesco" was named after the founder's wife, Tessa Cohen. If her name was Belinda you just might have been doing your shopping at Bilco's..)

and now.. a quick word from your sponsors..

Ladies first..
Dani Razabi - (emphasis on the 2nd "a" like "Bah'amas") is a Nursing Student here at C4.. she's got excellent contacts in the Jewish community up in North London and elsewhere, and she knows a good label when she reads one..
Gerry Cohen-Stone - (emphasis on "very silly", like "Ban'anas") is a past student of the college, now a short-contract (5ft 5 & a-half) member of Staff taking notes for some disabled students. He has contacts but rarely plugs them in, and he knows a good bagel when he eats one..

Our desire for the Jewish Society is to encourage dialogue between people of all faiths and /or none.. with or without Jewish background.. we're hoping to meet together probably fortnightly for secular and spiritual input..
So you'll need to keep checking things like this..
All the gossip from JSOC
JSOC events information

Fingers on buzzers for THE GREAT JSOC QUIZ..
What was the question again?
Sometimes we'll be discussing Jewish festivals, other times looking at events in Israel's modern history.. sometimes we'll just be swapping excellent recipes.
It is NOT a forum for "inappropriate" religious activity (you know what we mean..)
What we might talk about privately with our friends is one thing but we intend to respect one anothers' views, while seeking to learn from one another. oh..from time to time we might be teaching some Hebrew songs - so be warned!!

There'll be much more on these pages in the days to come.. but for now, try out a few links we've got attached to..

ThiS pAGe goes tHRough More cHANgEs tHan my GranDMothER haS haTs for a bAr-MitZvah..

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