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ThiS pAGe Is UndER DesPErAte cONstruCtIOn.

G E R R Y A C T S UP..

Desperate times call for

Well here we are and welcome to another page - updated on January 15th 1998. Why not e-mail me to find out why I re-took my old family name and dusted off the 50 year old cobwebs?
This page is for late-breaking news - and info about some of my work
So if you're a new reader, click below and get ready to find out about someOne to your advantage..

Give the Kosher Crooner a call..

So, you decided to stick with it, eh?
Well, here I am at
Canterbury Christ Church College
the establishment I'm working at..
I'm a member of the Church family of St Paul's ,
First of all, my home church, St Pauls, Cliftonville, in Margate Kent on the south coast of good old England.
Last year we were officially informed that we're "the fastest growing church in the Canterbury Diocese" Why? Well, apart from anything else,
we want to see Jesus
lifted higher and higher..
Our vicar, John Yallop and his wife Gill encourage the folk to get on and "do the stuff".
Jesus told His disciples that they'd have all the power they would need when the Holy Spirit came to them.
And we believe what it says in Hebrews 13:8
At the moment our church members are praying for 1,250 new members to be brought in - that's the number God has placed on our hearts - and so we're going for it!!!

So, for those of you who were looking for "Desperate Acts"
I've often thought that Worship workshops are often a bit on the expensive side so I've decided to charge nothing for being there. That way I can't ever get underpaid.
So long you can help out with travelling expenses and I can get to a place where you'll be gathering - either your church, or a hall or theatre of some kind, and have a place to put my sleeping bag if it's going to be a late night, then that's basically all I need.. a power supply, an overhead projector or "flip-chart" and P.A. system is useful but not necessarily vital.
We can always shout out our praises to our God. (It's biblical - see 2 Chronicles 20:19 for example..)
But I don't want to do all the work!
If I visit your church, youth group, college, Christian Union or *..................* (fill in the gap as seems apt and original in not more than 10 words) .... I'll expect you spend at least as much time
in praise, worship & thanksgiving
as I do in teaching.. playing and so on..
Just drop me a line ("") and tell me how desperate your fellowship is to serve God.
You never know ... God might just take you at His word.

February and onwards PLANS..
I'm moving (2 flights of stairs upwards! to a 1 bedroom flat! After over 3 years in one room it's be wonderful!

Our Prayer for Israel group is growing together well and I shall be spending some time praying and thinking about the next 6 months or so.. we're seeing the Lord's blessing for each one of us as we seek the heart of God. . Please pray for Lyn who co-leads with me that we are sensitive to each other and to the Holy Spirit. Pray for great wisdom and that the group gets on with our calling to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
There's a possibility of workshops in other towns later in the year - prayers appreciated for Jesus to be honoured in all I do -
I have got to know some wonderful people in the Midlands and hope to be with them in April to continue serving God's people wherever He sends me.
Mind you, thinking about it.. "God sent me to Coventry" has a particular ring about it - very quiet..

God continues to put people my way who encourage me, and whom I can serve in Jesus. HE IS SO GOOD!!

Let everything result in LUKE 2:14: "Glory to God in the highest and PEACE - Shalom - wholeness - to His people on earth
Friends of mine and I have been involved in worship at meetings arranged to pray for Israel and the Jewish people; I spent a good day with people in Bromley at the very end of the year. It's so exciting to know that God has plans and purposed for His people Israel (Jeremiah 29: 11)
and we really want to give all honour to Jesus our King for the times we have been singing, praising and praying for & on behalf of the nation and people of Israel. She is God's precious and beloved vineyard over which He sings in Isaiah chapter 5

Meanwhile..God is affirming my call to proclaim His Word and to encourage the Church family, as well as drawing out more awareness of the roots in the "olive tree" known as Israel that the Church of Christ has been grafted onto. If that makes no sense to you, why not read Romans 11

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this and thanks to everyone who's been e-mailing me or writing by "real" pen and paper over the last few years.. I really appreciate your support and value you fellowship in Jesus Christ - may He be very close to you and keep you close to Himself..
MEANWHILE BACK AT THE HOMEPAGE.. if you want to know a little more about a Desperate man ..and other places of interest..


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