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What do you wanna do?

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The C4 JSOC are they-aren't they QUIZ: Are any of these celebrities Jewish? Go figure..

Gerry Cohen-Stone & Dani Razabi
Jewish Society of

Christ Church College Canterbury
North Holmes Road
United Kingdom
waddya want? a map?

[I was wondering what else to put in this space earlier.. Dani suggested we ought to have a nice couple of photographs.. personally, I'm a great fan of Old Blue Eyes and as we're concerned here at the JSoc with bringing out social comment on many diverse things we wondered what Frankie would sing
to Dana International, who is the new Israeli representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

"That's why the lady is a tramp"

Well,    wadd'ya    wanna    do    then?

Okay so you wanna know what we're up to here at Canterbury's newest, brightest and most splendid website?

Well, even if you don't it's too late! You're here at our page and so now we've got your attention we'd like to fill you in on some thoughts we have.

We meet on alternative Mondays. They were just going to be alternate Mondays but when you consider who's part of the JSoc you'll realise it's a bit alternative. We've had a QUIZ - "TRUE or FALSE" - use the link on the TOP LEFT of the page to check out how many of these 100 stars are really Jewish..

An elite group* discussed JEWISH CUSTOMS..

(*elite*: technical word for "small".. everyone else forgot
.. it was raining and nobody had a spare Ark)

Hmm.. Jewish Customs.. I can just picture the scene..

"Anything to declare, Moses? Any Livestock, names of those travelling with you? Any prescription drugs"

"Yes officer..half a million camels, 3.7 million sheep. 2.5 million family members,
and the only medication I'm taking with me is a couple of tablets"

Remember Tevye's famous discussion in "Fiddler on the Roof"
"we always keep our heads covered..
you may ask, how did these traditions start..
I'll tell you - 'I don't know'"

Now.. what else have we had? Well in January we had our biggest evening meeting to date.. for "Jewrades" - a kind of Kosher "Give us a Jew" Charades night - in the splendidly decorated Blanthornes room in the Student Union Building

This was a fun-filled evening, and throught the art of atrocious miming we introduced people to the amazing Bruce Willis film "The Fifth Elephant"..

NEXT MEETING is... Friday 27th February 1998 in the Cloisters at College (that's cloise-ter the Chapel) we'll be kindling the Shabbat candles, welcoming in the Sabbath, traditionally like a bride - followed by a light meal - remember.. you don't have to be Jewish, or a member of society to be involved in JSoc..
this page was updated at 8:45 pm Friday 27/2/98 by Gerry.. so don't blame Dani for any mistaikz)

(Incidentally, he's the guy who reminds us all of the famous Sinatra song.. "Somethin' Stupid".. or was it "Call me Irresponsible"?)

Never mind... "I only have eyes for you"..

I don't want to gossip, but people have visited this site..
JSOC at C4.. A more social society...