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What's he up to now??

Give Gerry a call..
PLANS for May 1998 and onwards..
Live worship and praise in the streets of Margate.. on Saturday Mornings. Prayer for Israel group is growing together well and we're seeing the Lord's blessing for each one of us as we seek the heart of God. . Please pray for Lyn who co-leads.. Pray for great wisdom and that the group gets on with our calling to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Possibility of workshops in other towns later in the year - prayers appreciated for Jesus to be honoured in all I do -

God continues to put people my way who encourage me, and whom I can serve in Jesus. HE IS SO GOOD!!

Let everything result in LUKE 2:14: "Glory to God in the highest and PEACE - Shalom - wholeness - to His people on earth
April 25th at River, Kent I led worship with friends at a Prayer for Israel Day - we really want to give all honour to Jesus our King for such a wonderful day as we prayed for and on behalf of the nation and people of Israel. She is God's precious and beloved vineyard over which He sings in Isaiah chapter 5

Meanwhile..God is affirming my call to proclaim His Word and to encourage the Church family, as well as drawing out more awareness of the roots in the "olive tree" known as Israel that the Church of Christ has been grafted onto. If that makes no sense to you, why not read Romans 11

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this and thanks to everyone who's been e-mailing me or writing by "real" pen and paper over the last few years.. I really appreciate your support and value you fellowship in Jesus Christ - may He be very close to you and keep you close to Himself..
MEANWHILE BACK AT THE HOMEPAGE.. if you want to know a little more about a Desperate man ..and other places of interest..


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