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Desperate times call for

So give Gerry a call..
at Christ Church College, Canterbury where he's a member of staff taking notes for disabled students..
Like it says in Habakkuk 2:2: "Write the vision plainly.. so that the one who reads may run". The last update on this page was 22nd December 1997

Sometimes it's right to move on and up from things of the past; after over 20 years of Drama Work it's time to lay aside the greasepaint and props in order to concentrate on other aspects of ministry
Important News!!"D E S P E R A T E A C T S"
Drama Workshops..

have had a change of focus over the last year or so; as the Drama and Mime work has decreased, so there has been a very great increase in the worship and preaching side of "Desperate Acts"

I'll still be more than willing to consider invitations for Drama Workshops or performances, but the emphasis will be turning in 1998 more and more to music and ministry of the Word
I'd be more than happy to put you in contact with other ministries within the globe of Christian Theatre instead..

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Please note, these pages are under construction more times than you've had hot chicken soup and kneidlech.. (ask me for the recipe..)